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Stay at home, stay safe, WORKOUT!

So we are in the thick of another lockdown, and you know what that means? No, not a Netflix Christmas film binge (not yet anyway), but more home workouts!

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The ULTIMATE Virtual marathon course

Are you targeting a virtual marathon? One of the trickiest bits with virtual marathons is choosing the perfect 26.2 mile route. Well my Crossroad Countdown technique may just be the route you are looking for.

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Getting into the groove

BOLD STATEMENT ALERT… I believe I have the answer to keep you motivated, your training consistent, and ultimately help you to create a healthier relationship with your running!

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But what about me?!

Just like the landscape gardener who is too busy planting other people’s rhododendrons to tend to his own, or the marriage guidance counsellor with a string of failed relationships, being a running coach can come at a personal cost.

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The Mystery of Mr Mojo

What do you mean he’s gone? You were only with him yesterday?! Have you text him? Maybe he’s at work? You could try calling his mum? I mean he has to be somewhere! He can’t have just completely vanished?! I think maybe we just need to look somewhere a little different…

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Berlin Boo Boo

So often on social media we like to talk about our greatest achievements. We like to shout about our personal bests and the dream races. But sometimes it pays to keep it real. Sometimes it’s important to share the stinkers.

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