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Performance Community

Take the guesswork out of your training with membership to the Running with Jake Performance Community. Monthly training plans & coaching tailored to you and YOUR body.

As runners we are always looking for ways to improve. We want to run faster, run further, find it easier, but so often we find ourselves bamboozled with the overwhelming amount of running advice available and left confused as to exactly which is the best approach to take?!

That’s where the Running with Jake Performance Community comes in. We take the guesswork out of your training and bridge the gap between being underprepared and overtrained (or injured!).

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What’s included?

Blood lactate test Start with an assessment at one of our approved test centres. This helps us to design training plans and coaching strategies that are unique to your physiology.
Weekly training plans Training plans personalised to you, delivered in blocks of 5 weeks. Sessions are varied and creative to make you want to run!
Ongoing coaching Unlimited access to coaching from Jake and the team for support and advice - with weekly feedback and monthly progress reports.
Exclusive communities Get support and interact with our amazing community of like minded runners. Motivation, support, knowledge and fun - all on tap.

Is the performance community right for me?

If you have a running goal, then the Performance Community can help you reach that goal. Our training plans are tailored to your body and and our coaching methods guide you through them. Our weekly check-ins hold you accountable and help you to stay consistent with your running.

The Performance Community is for EVERYONE. We have members of all abilities – from seasoned marathon runners who chasing a personal best, to people who are putting on a pair of running shoes for the very first time.

Training tailored to YOU and YOUR BODY, regardless of it's size, shape or ability.

Our coaching is based primarily around your personal heart rate zones, with each zone giving you a specific benefit:
Zone 1 Used for warming up and cooling down, and to help you recover from more intense sessions
Zone 2 Improves endurance and help to teach the body to utilise fat as a fuel source
Zone 3 Builds aerobic endurance and builds efficiency

Zone 4 Improves your ability to run faster for longer
Zone 5 Used for high intensity interval training to develop speed and aerobic power
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Get tested by the professionals

Your Performance Community journey kicks off with a blood lactate assessment at one of the approved RWJ test centres.

This involves a little run on a treadmill while being closely monitored (and kept safe) by a dedicated team of Physiologists and Exercise Scientists, who will periodically take measurements of your performance.

It is with these accurate test results that enable us to ensure our coaching and training methods are based on YOUR body.

Don’t just take our word for it - see what our runners think...

A super coach who has created a fantastic, supportive community. In the Performance Community we all have our running...

Posted by Gabi Kowal on Friday, March 13, 2020

After having two children in pretty quick succession I wasn't sure I'd ever get fit again. I started running on my own...

Posted by Claire Woodward on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Best thing I ever did for my running was to sign up to the Performance Community! Was a bit apprehensive going in but...

Posted by Lorraine Hutchinson on Sunday, March 15, 2020
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All this and more - for £79.99 per month

  • Starting line call Initial 30 minute call/video consultation
  • Weekly feedback Weekly feedback helps to hold you accountable and keep your running on track
  • Strength training videos Access to our video library, full of exercises that will benefit your training
  • Blood Lactate test Initial test taken at one of our approved test centres
  • Monthly progress report Detailed written analysis & feedback of your previous training phase
  • FREE workshop entry Free entry to any of our Performance Community workshops
  • Lactate test review 30 minute call/video call to review your test results
  • Monthly Q&A Watch and join in with our monthly community live stream
  • Ongoing coaching & help Unlimited one to one coaching support via email
  • Custom training plans Training plan written just for YOU every 5 weeks
  • Private group access Access to our Performance Community Facebook group
  • Exclusive T-shirt Technical performance training top for just £24.99
Initial £99.99 Kick off fee Covers your first months membership and blood lacate test, then... £79.99Per month No contracts, no cancellation periods. Simple. Join today