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- Running with Jake: The PLODcast. Short, punchy, and full of tips, tricks, and motivation.

Episode 22 - The Dr. of Happiness, and the worst Q&A ever!

Welcome to your weeekly dose of running motivation.

On this episode we talk to the UK’s only Dr of Happiness, Andy Cope, about positive psychology and the art of 'being brilliant’. Andy tells us that striking the balance of happiness is important, and we discover an 18th century word - Grinagog: someone that is so happy you want to punch their lights out! Check out Andy’s great work at

And, as always; there's your chance to #AskJake - This week, something a little different, it's #AskPete (Hmmmm!)

Running can be both a beautiful and a challenging business. Somedays you will be leaping out of the door before you’ve barely even finished lacing up your trainers, when on others you will find your mojo sulking in a corner and refusing to play. That’s why we created Running with Jake: The PLODcast. Short, punchy, and full of tips, tricks, and motivation.

Our podcast features some brilliant guests, from Olympic athletes through to real runners with real stories, Jake shares his best practices to help you get the most out of your running, and you can be certain Producer Pete is always on hand to offer a ‘non-running guy’ perspective on most things!

The Running with Jake Podcast is incredibly easy to listen to and costs absolutely nothing but your time. You can listen to the show on this very page, but for access to all of them just follow the link to our special podcast website, or get them via iTunes.

Listen on your mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop, games console…. and probably most devices where you can plug your headphones! Whether you choose to listen to us in the car on your way to work, or you take us with you for company during your weekend run, we hope the Running with Jake Podcast can entertain, inspire, and educate you along the way.