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Sack off the sofa

Fancy Running with Jake but not sure where to start? Here’s my Top 5 Tips to get you off the sofa and leave that Homer Simpson bottom shaped indent behind.

1) Set the target
How far do you want to go? How fast do you want to be? Do you want to complete a 5K park run? Do you have aspirations of the London Marathon on day? Or do you want to lose 5kg by Christmas? This is the real fun part where you can forget about what is realistic and just let your imagination run wild. We can worry about how realistic your lofty targets are later. Just like you wouldn’t jump in a car and drive blind, first you must decide where you are heading.

2) What is your WHY?
Running is a journey and like any journey it will have it’s highs, and it’s inevitable lows. When the going does get tough what is going to get you through it? Answer – your WHY! WHY do you want to run? To lose weight? To increase your energy levels? To reduce stress? To raise money for a charity that is close to your heart? You have to know WHY you want to do this. Really understanding the core reasons for you wanting to start running will ensure you commit and get the job done.

3) Help me!
Never ever EVER be afraid to ask for help. We don’t have to do anything in this life on our own. Support is always available. If you really want to learn how to run properly and make sure that you get the most out of this wonderful activity then ask for help. Talk to your buddies or colleagues that you know have been running for years, or drop me a message! Whether it’s help with deciding how realistic your goal is, a training plan and guidance to get you there, or just a dollop of moral support that you need, it is there for you and you certainly don’t have to take this journey alone.

4) Crocs won’t cut it
Let’s start with the contact points….. your feet! Your feet are the first thing that strikes the ground when you run (hopefully the only thing!) so it’s important we have the right shoes for the job. Treating your little tootsies to a pair of running shoes that are the correct fit and style for you will not only help you feel better when you run but it can also help to ward off injuries. Opinions can be divided over the best shoes, so I recommend going to your local running shop to be fitted properly. Just remember to choose the shoes that feel right for you, rather than the ones that are the prettiest colour!

5) Gently does it
It may take one person 8 weeks to develop the ability to run 5K and another person 12 weeks. Does that make anyone good or bad, better or worse? No. We are all different. We have different physical abilities, different diaries, different lives, and different stresses. No matter how long it takes you, you WILL get there. Be kind to yourself and don’t subject yourself to any more pressure than is absolutely necessary. With learning anything new comes setbacks and frustration and if you you are too hard on yourself you risk ‘pulling the plug’ early and missing out on all the beauty that running has to offer. 💙


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