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The Mystery of Mr Mojo

What do you mean he’s gone? You were only with him yesterday?! Have you text him? Maybe he’s at work? You could try calling his mum? I mean he has to be somewhere! He can’t have just completely vanished?! I think maybe we just need to look somewhere a little different…

None of us are immune. It can happen to us all. At some point or another our own little Mr Mojo will have decided he’s simply had enough. He’ll sneakily pack his bags, leave a brief note on the kitchen table (if you’re lucky) and then slip quietly out of the back door, hoping never to be seen again.

But this doesn’t have to be the final chapter of your running romance. With a few simple techniques, and a little bit of perseverance, we can be certain that Mr Mojo will return for a season  2…

Sign yourself up for an event

Training for an organised event is a great way to reignite your motivation as it brings with it a certain degree of obligation – there’s a far greater chance you’ll drag yourself out on a wet Sunday morning for that jog ’round the block if you have a 5K event  in three weeks!

Note that I said event here and not race. Remember you are trying to find your mojo again and the last thing we want to do is turn up the pressure too much so that you risk losing it for good!

Just completing an event (irrespective of finish time) will also give you a huge sense of achievement that can stay with you for a long time.

Get organised 🗃

Poor organisation = poor choices.

This can be as simple as packing your running kit the night before to avoid a mad rush the following morning and risk missing the session altogether. Or bulk cooking and freezing healthy soups and running snacks to avoid poor ‘convenience’ food choices.

Spend some time on a weekend planning your running for the following week, and get them in the diary. Treat your runs with a similar level of importance as you would an office meeting or a school run and this will increase the chance of them actually happening.

While things in life will invariably cause you to change your running plans from time-to-time being organised will keep these occurrences to a minimum.

TNTs  🧨

Tiny Noticeable Things that can have a big impact on your running comeback.

💥 Park the car slightly further away from the supermarket entrance. 

💥 Get off the bus one stop earlier.

💥 Take the stairs instead of the lift.

💥 Jog to the postbox rather than drive to drop off your mail

💥 Swap every other cup of coffee or tea for a green tea or infusion.

💥 Stretch and watch TV rather than sit and watch TV.

All of these things will help you to create positive and healthy habits, which will immediately begin to make you feel better and fuel your motivation to run.

Get a running buddy 🤗

Running with friends, family and colleagues is a great way to keep you on track.

It can be fun, social, and sharing your goals with others can also be a good way to help build obligation and commitment. Other people will have come up against similar difficulties as you – time, motivation, work, family, and other obstacles that get in the way of our goals. Together you can help break them down.

Of course not everyone has the same level of running ability, but there are ways around this – if you are running with someone who is more experienced than you then running together could be one of their easy runs, while for you it could be one of your faster runs. You are both benefiting, but in different ways.

Then of course there’s my countdown crossroads long run technique (#rwjcountdown). One of the many benefits of this type of session is it allows runners training for different distances to run together, as they simply ‘drop off’ once they are ready.

Hire some help 🙋🏽‍♂️

Consider the support of a running coach. *enter Jake stage left

We are not born with the knowledge of how to develop our running, and working out the right route for you can be a challenging and confusing experience.

At first running seems simple. I mean we’ve all done it instinctively as a kid right? Well make no mistake about it, running is indeed a skill. And like most skills, the greater your ability of it the more enjoyment you will get out of it. How many things do you truly enjoy in life that you aren’t very good at? Swimming for example has never been one of my favourite sports. Well guess what…. I’m not very good at it!

Seeking advice will enable you to prepare towards your goal with confidence, and let’s not forget that confidence breeds motivation.

I promise you that Mr Mojo isn’t lost forever and when we do find him (which we will) let’s do our best to take good care of him, wrap him in cotton wool and never let him out of our sights again. 💙

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