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Personalised Training plans

- Get the most out of your training and get better results.
A goal without a Plan
is just a wish...

Take your training to the next level with a Running with Jake Training plan. Our plans cater for all levels of ability and are personalised around you and your goal.

Your performance on race day is a combined result of all those little runs you do in the lead up to it, so it is crucial that you prepare with logic and structure to reduce the risk of injury and achieve your goal.

Our training plan options are simple and easy to follow including fun and creative sessions to make you want to get out there and run.

You're unique, and so should be your training. After an initial consultation all training plans are hand crafted by one of the Running with Jake coaches.

Make your next race, your best race.

Training Plan + gives you 90 minutes of coaching with Jake. This is an invaluable tool which can be used in a variety of ways. Let's say you want help with problem solving an obstacle you come up against, advice on training sessions, nutrition, flexibility, or if you just need an injection of motivation to fire you up and get you back on track.

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How our training plans work and what you get…

Not all training plans are created equal. When you download a generic PDF program you have to mould your life to fit around the plan, whereas at Running with Jake we create the plan to fit around your life.

Each personalised plan comes with training notes detailing each session, along with a Running with Jake pace guide to help you get your head around the numbers.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Purchase your training plan
  2. We’ll send you a fact finding form for you to complete online
  3. We’ll produce your training plan, notes and pace guide and answer any questions you have
  4. Your running journey begins!

Once you’ve finished your plan, we’ll invite your to join the Running with Jake performance community, a place of like minded running enthusiasts where you can get advice and guidance from runners of all levels of abilities. Oh and everyone is really nice as well!

Not sure if you’re ready for a training plan yet? If you have any questions, just get in touch using the form on this page and we’ll be happy to help!

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